Preparing for Outages

When severe weather's coming your way, it pays to be ready for tough conditions.

Weather isn't always predictable, which is why preparing ahead of time is never a bad idea. Find important outage links and follow the checklist below to make sure you have what you need in an outage situation. You can also review our severe weather safety tips.

In an outage situation, know where to find what you need...

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Be prepared ahead of time by downloading the Evergy App to report your outage with ease!

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In advance of severe weather, be prepared...

  • Get gas

    Fill up your car with gas ahead of time.

  • Charge your phone

    Keep your phone and other necessary electronics charged up.

  • Bring pets indoors

    Bring pets inside or to sheltered areas and make sure they have water.

  • Have a shelter plan

    Know where to go during a tornado or ice storm. Find a list of shelters near you.

  • Stock up

    Grab groceries, water and necessary medicines or prescriptions.

  • Save online resources

    Know where to report an outage, view the outage map or find severe weather safety tips.

  • Make a kit

    Store first-aid supplies, phone numbers/records, flashlights, batteries, water and non-perishable food

  • Consider medical equipment

    If you rely on electronic medical equipment, consider a backup generator or our medical customer program.

How does Evergy prepare?

We also stay prepared for severe weather by...

  • Conducting practice drills and trimming trees year-round to minimize potential damage.
  • Putting additional crew members and tree crews on alert when severe weather's on its way.
  • Sending out crews in 16-hour shifts until power is restored in storm and outage situations.
  • Reaching out to the Midwest Mutual Assistance Group and crews from neighboring utilities in major storm or outage events.