Private Solar, Wind and Net Metering

Customers who produce their own energy from renewable sources can earn a credit on bills.

Whether you turn to wind, solar or some other method of generating your own energy, connecting to the electrical grid doesn’t have to be complicated. We'll help you make it work.

If you're interested in net metering, please review our customer interest info. For solar projects, check out our list of questions to ask solar contractors!

Net metering is the billing mechanism that occurs after a self-generating energy system is interconnected to Evergy's electrical grid. The bi-directional net meter monitors electricity delivered by Evergy as well as the excess electricity generated and exported to Evergy.

How it works

It starts with a net-metering billing arrangement...

  • Energy exported to Evergy and power supplied by Evergy is monitored through a bi-directional meter
  • Through one-for-one net metering, exported energy is used to offset an equal amount of power supplied by Evergy during the billing period.  Excess energy is credited at our avoided cost
  • The avoided cost you receive for your energy exported greater than the amount of power supplied by Evergy is less than retail because it reflects only energy – not generation, transmission, distribution and administrative costs included in retail rates
  • Utility bill will represent the charge if monthly usage is greater than amount exported or credit if monthly usage is less than amount exported