Summer Energy Tips

Simple tips can save you money, energy and time this summer

Learn to control your energy use, how to save money and why it matters!

These simple, inexpensive ideas can save you money on your bill and help your big-ticket appliances and electronics last longer and work more efficiently.

Did you also know that reducing and/or shifting your energy use not only helps you but also helps others? It reduces strain on the energy grid, keeps at bay the need for more coal plants and creates a cleaner, happier environment for your local community. It's genuinely a super simple win-win.

Try a few of these quick tips and get better control over your energy bill this summer!

A person doing dishes later at night

Shift when you use energy

Avoid using as much energy during peak hours.
On time-based plans, save the most during off-peak hours

See Time-Based Plans

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Interactive home tips

Walk through an interactive online home.
View simple ways to start saving at home TODAY.

  • Find tips for rooms from attics to basements (and everything in-between)
  • Get top, easy, DIY tips to save big—like closing your curtains on sunny days in the summer or sealing air leaks
  • Learn helpful stats—like standby power accounts for as much as 20% of your bill (and how to reduce it)

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Quick no-cost seasonal updates

Manage the highs and lows of Midwest weather.
Don't just hear it from us; we're sharing other expert tips too.

  • Find strategies that help you save even more, depending on the season
  • Get tips on smart thermostats, ventilation, cooling system efficiency and more
  • Learn water heating saving options (considering water heaters account for about 18% of your energy use)

Stay Cooler this Summer

A woman sitting at a table using online tools to check her energy usage

Simple, personal, online tools

Home Energy Analysis breaks down your home's energy.
Get personalized tips, comparisons and trends.

  • View usage cost and trends
  • Compare your bill (to last month, last year and other homes like yours)
  • Understand your usage (day-by-day, even hour-by-hour)
  • See personalized tips, specific to your home and energy use

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