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  • We'll ask for your input on a variety of topics like design, reliability or program awareness
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Panel members are rewarded for taking surveys. Each quarter, 10 winners each receive a $200 Tango gift card. Eight winners are drawn from a pool of people who completed at least one survey that quarter, and two more are drawn from a smaller group of panel members who have completed the majority of all the invitations they received that quarter. View or download complete sweepstakes rules.

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Find results of recent surveys (sharebacks) and a list of sweepstakes winners toward the bottom of the page. If at any time you want to drop out, just “unsubscribe” using the link at the bottom of every survey invitation. Rest assured that Evergy will NEVER sell your data or share it with anyone else. Confidentiality is maintained at all times, and results are NEVER linked back to you. To join our Panel, you'll take a 10-minute qualifying survey. This is mainly demographic questions that we'll keep on file (so we don’t have to ask you every survey!).  Be sure to have your Evergy account number handy. As a reminder, you can view our terms and conditions and privacy policy at any time. 

Current Customer Advisory Panel Members

Thank you for contributing your thoughts and opinions in our surveys! This panel has been helping to guide Evergy’s efforts since 2014 – and you're a big part of that! Check out results of recent surveys and lists of our recent lucky sweepstakes winners below. If you wish to no longer be a part of our panel, you can always unsubscribe in our emails.

At the end of each quarter, we randomly draw 10 panel members to receive a $200 gift card.  We select eight winners from everyone who completed at least one survey in the quarter, and two more winners from the smaller group who completed the majority of the surveys they were invited to in the quarter. 

 Here are our two “high performance” winners:

 “I love being able to share my voice on the Evergy Advisory Panel!  I plan to use the gift card on household necessities. Thank you!”  Amanda M., Saint Marys KS

“Thank you so much! I plan to use this gift card toward things needed in our home, like groceries and vitamins, that are hard to afford during inflation.”  Bethany I., Lees Summit MO

 Here are our eight regular winners:

 “I've completed surveys for Evergy for quite some time. They are usually quick and easy to share feedback. I'm sure my wife and I can find a fun way to use the gift card for shopping for a kiddo or maybe a date night!”  Caleb D., Wichita KS

“I love doing this panel.  Thank you!”  Emily J., Prairie Village KS

“The opportunity to provide feedback for the community was great. I plan to use the gift card to purchase items for a family in need.”  Jaime L., Louisburg KS

“I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Panel.  It helps me keep up to date with Evergy's operations and express my opinion on a variety of current topics.  I'm not sure what I'll use the gift card for yet, but I'm considering buying an outdoor security camera for the house.” James B., Prairie Village KS

“I love giving my opinion on the excellent service provided by Evergy to inform them of my satisfaction.”  Louise D., Parkville MO

“My granddaughter’s birthday is coming, and I just had spinal repair surgery today, so I will use the gift card for that purpose.  I love being on the panel as I feel it allows me to voice my opinion and help others.”  Patricia M., Manhattan KS

“I enjoy giving feedback and having input on issues Evergy enquires about in their surveys.”  Paul S., Kansas City MO

“I plan to purchase gifts for others. Being on the panel has raised my insights to the big picture in regards to energy.”  Roshonda D., Kansas City MO

 Congratulations, Customer Advisory Panel members!  And thank you!

Survey Shareback: Perceptions of EVs

Hello, panel members!  In March, we conducted a survey assessing perceptions of all-electric vehicles.  It turns out that perceptions of EVs are mixed, with more of you negative about them (35% answered 1-3) than positive (26% answered 8-10), but most of you (39%) are in the middle.  When it comes to knowledge, half of you answered in the middle of the scale (49% answered 4-7), but more of you said you knew a lot (35% answered 8-10) than knew nothing (15% answered 1-3).

Ten percent of you currently own an EV.  Among owners, most charge mostly at home, usually overnight.

Among non-owners, half (48%) know someone with an EV and nearly as many (44%) have driven or ridden in one.

Half of you say you are unlikely to buy an EV, and most of you cited the expected reasons: not enough range for long trips, the high cost to purchase, and lack of charging – both along highways and locally.

This information will be useful for teams within Evergy, as they plan out communications and charging infrastructure.

Thanks, Customer Advisory Panel!

Survey Shareback: Ratings of Evergy

Hello, panel members!  Our first Customer Advisory Panel survey of the year, conducted in February, asked you to rate Evergy on a variety of attributes, about your practices to reduce your electricity use, and your awareness of different activities Evergy is doing.

We learned that you rated Evergy highest for “Overall power quality and reliability” with an average of 7.46, followed closely by “Your overall billing and payment experience” at 7.42.  As expected, you gave the worst ratings to two financial attributes: “Total monthly cost of your electric service” (5.74) and “Overall price” (5.65). 

We also learned that nearly two-thirds of you (63%) visited the Evergy website in the last three months and one-third (33%) used the new Evergy mobile app. 

We asked you about things you do to reduce your electricity usage.  Nearly all of you (89%) said you switch off lights when leaving a room.  At least three-quarters of you adjust your thermostat, use LEDs, or help regulate heat gain or loss with curtains or window coverings.  On the other hand, just 15% of you said you regularly line dry clothes. 

Finally, we asked about your awareness of six activities that Evergy is doing.  For five of the things we asked about, around 6 in 10 of you (54% to 66%) said yes, you were aware.  These things were:

  • Efforts to improve their impact on the environment
  • Provide energy efficiency programs to help you with ways to use less electricity
  • Support of local communities (donations, sponsorships, volunteering, etc.)
  • Provide assistance programs for income-eligible customers
  • Provide rate options that best fit your lifestyle and needs

The exception was again financial, with just 30% of you saying you were aware that Evergy is managing operating costs to keep rates as low as possible.

Thanks Customer Advisory Panel!  This is valuable background information!

Why can’t we get rewarded for each survey we complete?
For two reasons. First and most important, Evergy is not allowed to provide any sort of direct financial benefit to any specific group of customers. Also, there are concerns that Evergy would be influencing positive responses to surveys if we were to essentially pay you for your answers.

Why don’t you answer individual questions we ask you in the surveys?
We would love to be able to respond to each of you, but we researchers often lack the expertise to answer ourselves, and lack the time to track down the experts at Evergy, interview them, and write a response to you.

Does our input have any effect?
Yes! People at Evergy see the results of every survey and results are taken into consideration. But customer input is only one of many data points needed to make a decision, which, depending on the scope, may include cost, impact across Evergy, regulatory considerations, other priorities, employee constraints, and timing. You may remember the Payment Preferences survey, where we asked about being able to set your own due date. We actually presented these survey results six times to different teams involved in different aspects of making this happen. Directly because of our survey results, it was to be “moved up on the roadmap”, but then more immediate priorities emerged and teams are busy with other issues, so this is pushed back.

The sweepstakes aren’t real and no one wins.
I can assure you that the sweepstakes are real, and people do win. Yes, people in Kansas win, people in rural communities win, people who rate Evergy poorly win. Winners’ comments are posted as written (only edited to correct spelling errors). If you see relatively few winners in rural areas or small towns, it is because we have relatively few panel members in rural communities and small towns. The majority of Evergy customers reside in larger cities, so the majority of panel members reside in larger cities, so the majority of our survey winners reside in larger cities.

Add responses for “don’t know” and “not applicable” and add a back button!
Will do.

Why aren’t we able to have a dialog or more interaction between Customer Advisory Panel members?
This would be fun, but our systems are not set up to allow this.

I never receive the email newsletters and did not know about the Member Hub.
The quarterly newsletters are sent to the same email address as the survey invitations, so if you get survey invitations, you should get the newsletters. You are redirected to the Member Hub at the end of each survey, and clicking on any article referenced in the newsletter will take you to the Member Hub.

How many Customer Advisory Panel members are there?
We usually have around 2,000 active Customer Advisory Panel members. Usually, 30-40% of panel members respond to any one survey. Some members have been active on the panel since it started in 2014!

Past winners and survey sharebacks

“Probably will buy dog treats for the dogs a prairie paws shelter.” Diane M., Paola KS

“I really enjoy the community and the Surveys. I am going to use the prize to buy some things for our new home.” Tim E., Topeka KS

“I enjoy providing feedback and hope it helps make informed decisions on policies and procedures! This couldn't come at a better time as both kids' birthdays are coming up!” Rebecca W., Topeka KS

“I've been a resident of KCMO for 14 years and I will use my prize for home improvement items.” Laura F., Kansas City MO

“I've really enjoyed being a part of the Customer Advisory Panel, and I am beyond excited to purchase new outdoor decor for this summer! Thanks so much!!” Sarah J., Richmond MO

“Buying gifts for my favorite local charities.” Roxane W., Warrensburg MO

“I appreciate the sharebacks. I shop a lot at Amazon, so this will come in very handy. Free stuff!” Dan G., Gladstone MO

“This is exciting to win the Amazon gift card. Highest on my list would be a new computer chair.” Andrew R., Smithville MO

“It’s nice to learn more about the energy provided to the community. We’ll probably spend the prize money on grandchildren.” Latonya J., Kansas City MO

Our most recent survey was over heat pumps

Back in October, we sent you all a survey about heat pumps, and those of you who said you were homeowners went through the survey. More than 1,200 of you provided answers for us!

We learned that two-thirds (67%) of you do not currently own a heat pump and one fifth (20%) said yes, you do own a heat pump. The other 13% replied that they were not sure if they owned a heat pump.

Of heat pump owners, just over half chose to install a heat pump, while just under half said it was already installed. Most heat pump owners have an all-electric system, with far fewer having geothermal or hybrid heat pumps. Nearly two-thirds of heat pump owners are highly satisfied with their systems, mainly due to it working well or being more efficient/cheaper to operate. Just five percent of owners were highly dissatisfied, mainly because it does not heat adequately. Fully 75% of current heat pump owners say they will choose another heat pump when they need to replace their system.

Most respondents (67%) did not own a heat pumps. Of those, just over half (57%) said they would not consider a heat pump next time, mainly due to not knowing much about them, the purchase price, or because of previous poor experience with heat pumps. The 43% likely to go with a heat pump next time said this was because they have heard good things about them, or because heat pumps cost less to operate, are better for the environment, or have rebates available.

All of this will be useful in future plans for heat pumps.

Thank you, Customer Advisory Panel!

“I enjoy giving my feedback.” Ashley H., Grain Valley, MO

“On smart home technology.” Brian M., Lawrence, KS

“I’ve enjoyed providing feedback to an important service utilized all around us. I plan to purchase Christmas gifts for my family with this prize. Thank you!” Chris M., Wichita, KS

“I like having a voice and can take part in changing things for better.” James S., Liberty, MO

“Will discuss with wife.” Jason P., Hutchinson, KS

“I have been retired since 2014 and plan on using this for Christmas.” Jerry V., Sedalia, MO

“I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to provide my feedback about a variety of things from Evergy’s marketing to how they share information about energy-saving programs. I’m getting married this year so this money will be a huge help with that.” Laura M., Kansas City, MO

“Our food bank here in town is running low on supplies coming up to the busy holiday time. Will contribute to that.” Michael M., Lawrence, KS

“I love getting to have a voice in the community and learning about new perspectives. I am so thankful for this prize and will use it towards house remodeling projects!” Samantha C., Topeka, KS

"It has been fun to share my experiences and opinion on how Evergy can continue to improve in our community.” Will R., Kansas City, MO

Our most recent survey was about your satisfaction with your experience on the Customer Advisory Panel

In September, we conducted a survey to assess your satisfaction with your experience on the Customer Advisory Panel.

We started off asking about your overall satisfaction with your panel experience, using a scale where 1 = not at all satisfied and 10 = very satisfied. Nearly two-thirds of you (65%) said you were pretty satisfied, answering with 8, 9, or 10. Just 3% of you were unsatisfied (1, 2, or 3), with the remaining 32% in the middle (4, 5, 6, or 7).

Most of you were quite satisfied with things like the time you have to respond to surveys and the frequency of survey invitations. And you strongly or somewhat agreed that you can be honest in your responses, that your answers are never traced back to you personally, that the survey are not designed to persuade you, and that you learn new things about Evergy through surveys.

Many of you had questions or comments. So many, in fact, that I made a Frequently Asked Questions document and posted it to the Member Hub.

As always, thank you, Customer Advisory Panel members!

Every quarter, eight winners are randomly drawn from the pool of all panel members who completed at least one survey in the last quarter.

And, each quarter two more winners are randomly drawn from the smaller pool of panel members who completed the majority of the surveys they were invited to in the last quarter.

Eight regular winners:

Having a place to submit feedback and be heard is very rewarding. I am planning to buy Christmas presents in July.” -Aaron F., Shawnee, KS

Not sure how I will use the prize.” -Adrianna W., Parkville, MO

I will use it to pay my Evergy bill!” -Amber W., Kansas City, MO

As a long-time panel member, it has been a great two-way relationship with Evergy. I plan on purchasing some hobby items to share with my grandchildren.” -Daniel W., Overland Park, KS

Funds for saving energy and clean energy investments bridging gap created by Evergy’s withdrawal from said space and spending more on marketing and rate hikes.” -Kent F., Lawrence, KS

I intend to use the prize money to support organizations advocating moving away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible.” -Kevin N., Lawrence, KS

I will buy me a new bed frame, mine had just broken.” -Rita M., Mission, KS

I enjoy helping out with questions that Evergy has for their subscribers. I will use it to buy more supplies for my son’s Boy Scout troop.” -Ryan F., Kansas City, MO

Two high-performance winners:

I enjoy participating in the advisory panel and Evergy’s great customer service. This prize will help with back-to-school purchases for my kids.” -Melissa G., Fort Scott, KS

Gonna spoil my kids.” -Rich G., Platte City, MO

Our most recent survey was about decisions concerning energy-related activities

This gave us some really interesting insights into how Evergy customers make decisions about their energy use. We learned that:

Fully 92% of you said they are the one who always reviews or pays the Evergy bill.

61% of you said they live with one other adult (who is a spouse or life partner), while 30% said they are the only adult in the household. The other nine percent live with other adults (roommates, parents, adult children).

One in five (19%) said they think about their energy usage and way to reduce their bill nearly every day and another 40% of you said they do it frequently.

Half (52%) said they frequently review the details Evergy provides on their electric bill.

When it comes to making energy-related decisions, half of you said they alone are responsible. Another one-third share decision making but take the lead, and 13% said they equally share in energy decisions.

Whether or not you consult on energy decisions depends on 1) adults in the household, 2) decision-making responsibility, 3) housing status, and 4) the importance of the decision. Renters, for instance, are more likely to live alone, so they do not have someone to consult with. And due to rental constraints, they may be less able to make larger energy decisions (replacing the HVAC system, for instance).

This will be helpful in how Evergy communicates with customers about energy decisions, helping to make messages more relevant.

Thank you, Customer Advisory Panel!