Property Management

When property is your business, efficiency counts.

Between improved comfort and lower energy and upkeep costs, a few energy-saving upgrades to your property can mean the difference between happy tenants and an unhappy vacancy.

Project snapshot: MC Realty

Est. annual energy savings: 3.4 million kWh
Evergy incentive: $624,559
Energy costs saved: $287,612 annually

“We’ve actually seen our utility bill go down because of the projects we’ve implemented.” 

Tom Corso, Vice President of Operations
MC Realty, Kansas City, Missouri




Key opportunities to consider

High Bays Lighting graphic


LEDs use a fraction of the energy, last years longer, require far less maintenance than standard lighting. They also generate much less heat, taking a significant burden off your cooling system. 
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General Safety graphic

Variable Speed Drives

VSDs automatically adjust motor speed to match varying energy needs, which helps lower energy and maintenance costs, extend equipment life and reduce noise. 
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Construction graphic

New Construction

Let us help you get long-lasting value out of your new building.
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