Energy Analyzer for Small Businesses

Our Energy Analyzer gives powerful, customized insights into the energy efficiency of your business.

Understanding your business energy use can help you determine real, tangible ways to save money. Our business energy analyzer provides you with exactly that—the insight you need to take those first steps into energy efficiency.

The business energy analyzer is currently available to a portion of small business customers. If you don't have access to the business energy analyzer, Evergy has other tools that can help you learn about your energy use.

This advanced analyzer for small businesses helps:

  • Provide tips on ways to save energy.
  • Pinpoint when and where you can reduce your energy use for greater cost savings.
  • Create and track personalized energy-saving goals.

Get started

To use the Energy Analyzer, simply create an online account (or log in to your existing account). Once you’re logged into the “My Account” page, you can easily access the Energy Analyzer tool to gain valuable information and cost-saving insights.

Energy Analyzer

Other ways to monitor your energy use

Green Button

Evergy now offers customers an easy and secure way to download their account's energy-usage data by using the "Green Button."

The Green Button is a safe way to download your energy usage data so you can better understand how to manage your home's electrical use and to even save money. Simply select the “Green Button” link to download billing and usage data to either a CSV (Comma Separated Value) or XML (Extensible Markup Language) computer-readable file at any time.

Note: For more information visit the Green Button Alliance or