Income Eligible Weatherization

Eligible families can reduce energy consumption by up to 35%. 

Weatherizing your home reduces the amount of energy you use— by up to 35%. But it can be tough finding the time and money to make those changes to your home. We offer assistance with the Income-Eligible Weatherization program that helps you lower energy bills.

What you get: free in-home upgrades, financial assistance to weatherize your home, expert guidance, reduced energy usage and improved home health and safety.

Getting started

  1. Contact an agency in your area. They'll determine if you qualify, help you apply, and guide you through the entire process. You can also use our form on this page to contact an agency. 
  2. A professional crew will visit your home and determine your needs.
  3. The agency will review the recommendations, determine the work to be done and hire contractors.
  4. Trained contractors will complete the weatherization efforts.
  5. Your agency will inspect the completed work.

Make sure to view current income guidelines and eligibility requirements below. You can also view agency budget information.


Eligibility requirements

  • You must have made attempts to maintain a payment history, no matter how small.
  • Your household income must not exceed the current income guidelines (listed below).
  • You must own your residence or, if you rent, obtain written permission from your landlord. (The landlord must also agree to not raise rent for at least two years from the completion date.)

Contact an agency

Current income guidelines

Your household income cannot exceed the levels listed below to qualify for the Income-Eligible Weatherization Program. Typical levels represent 200% of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.

Family Size Income per Year Income per Month
1 $30,120 $2,510
2 $40,880 $3,406.67
3 $51,640 $4,303.33
4 $62,400 $5,200
5 $73,160 $6,096.67
6 $83,920 $6,993.33
7 $94,680 $7,890
8 $105,440 $8,786.67

*Income levels represent 200% of the 2024 Federal poverty guideline. Source for this information:

To get started, contact your local community agency.