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Business Energy Savings Program

Make green changes at your workplace and get rewarded with an incentive check. It's that simple! View incentive levels or contact us or learn more below about how to get paid for making energy-efficient upgrades at your business.

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Why energy efficiency?

Using energy efficiently (or more efficiently than your business already does) is often the most cost-effective and quickest way to save money, reduce emissions and meet a continually growing energy demand. Just a few of the key benefits of energy efficiency are: lower energy (and general utility) bills, which helps stabilize electricity prices; the long-term benefit of lowering overall energy demand; savings for your business; and more sustainable, green measures, which help our environment. 

Quick and easy incentives for simple upgrades

Evergy Standard Incentives provide savings for energy-efficient equipment upgrades on a one-for-one basis, making it quick and easy to save big. For projects with an anticipated incentive amount less than $15,000, simply apply after equipment purchase and installation to receive a fast incentive check. Projects with an anticipated incentive value of more than $15,000 require pre-approval and are subject to pre- and post-inspections. Applications must be submitted within 90 days of project installation to be eligible for an incentive.

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Energy savings tailored to your business

Our Custom Incentives are paid based on the amount of your project’s energy savings and provide solutions tailored to your business. Pre-approval is required, so apply before purchasing or installing equipment in order to receive an incentive. Custom projects may receive pre- and post-inspections to ensure energy savings calculations reflect the true potential of all projects.

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Setting energy efficiency as your cornerstone

New Construction Incentives are available for ground-up construction, additions or expansions, and complete building repurposing. The program encourages building owners and designers to evaluate and install systems with higher energy efficiency than the standard or planned systems. To earn Evergy New Construction Incentives, please involve Evergy program personnel during the project design phase.

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Start saving

Or you can look through our Program Terms & Conditions any time and check out savings by equipment or industry below.

NEW! Energy efficiency and demand response programs are COMING SOON to Kansas in 2024. Check back for updates.

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Commercial Solar Services

Looking for a trusted partner with a long-term track record to help your business, municipality or institution meet its big energy saving goals? Evergy Energy Solutions knows the business of clean energy.
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