Renewables Direct

Businesses large and small benefit from renewables.

Renewables Direct allows commercial and industrial customers to offset a percentage of their energy usage through a renewable resource. This program is designed to provide large customers a path toward their sustainability goals with abundant, affordable renewable energy.

Benefits to your business

  • Renewable-sourced electricity at a price that reflects the cost of generation and delivery 
  • Cost-effective and customer friendly energy opportunities, all while providing clean energy to the grid
  • The ability to claim a portion of the energy generated by the renewable source as their own and retain all of the renewable attributes
  • Structure to add projects in the future to keep up with the growing appetite for renewable sources of our customers
  • Hundreds of jobs expected as a result of construction and maintenance

This program is a good option for a wide range of customers and industries, including manufacturing, telecommunications, government, agriculture and higher education, among others. In conjunction with our other economic tools, our Renewables Direct program can help attract and retain businesses in Kansas and Missouri. As many businesses set renewable energy goals, we’re here to help your organization succeed in its sustainability and clean energy growth strategies.

Right now, the program is full, but we have a waiting list available. Contact our Renewables Team at or reach out to your Customer Solutions Manager for more information. Your name will be added to a waiting list in the order it is received, and this waiting list will determine participation order once the renewable resource is ready. 

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