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Emergency Interruptions: Frequently Asked Questions


What are controlled emergency power interruptions?

Temporary power interruptions are a strategic measure meant to alleviate strain on the energy grid to prevent a more serious longer-term emergency.


How long will they last?

Emergency power interruptions are expected to last about 30 to 60 minutes. If customers have experienced an outage that is longer than an hour, it can be reported at or by calling 800-LIGHT-KS (800) 544-4857 in Kansas, or 888-LIGHT-KC (888) 544-4852 in the KC metro area and in Missouri.


Why could an outage last longer than an hour?

While these emergency power interruptions are being implemented, we may also experience outages as a result of other issues, including equipment failures, or vegetation and wildlife getting into our equipment.

For these emergency power interruptions, we are targeting 30 to 60 minutes in length, but if equipment doesn’t function as expected, an outage could last longer. Most emergency outages are being managed through remote communications equipment. If remote operations fail, a crew will be sent to evaluate the outage and make repairs. 


How does Evergy decide where power is interrupted? 

The Southwest Power Pool (the Midwest regional grid operator) issues a requirement for Evergy to reduce energy use by a certain amount. Evergy grid management software identifies circuits from throughout the service area that as a group carry about that amount of energy. Those circuits are interrupted for 30-60 minutes. As those circuits are re-energized, the software identifies new circuits that carry that amount of energy. This continues until the emergency end, and the Southwest Power Pool determines that temporary interruptions are no longer necessary.


Can you tell me when my power might be interrupted? 

Unfortunately, no.

Grid conditions in emergency situations can change very rapidly. When the Soutwest Power Pool asks for energy reductions, we have very little time to act, and the amount of power we are required to reduce can change quickly. We’re not able to give customers advance notice that they may be part of an interruption. 


Can I be part of more than one emergency interruption? 

Yes. While we try to avoid that situation, over the course of an emergency event it is possible a circuit of customers could be interrupted more than once.


Are emergency power interruptions the same things as rolling blackouts? 

The term “rolling blackout,frequently used by media, implies they are not controlled. Temporary interruptions are carefully controlled, and grid-management software is used to identify the amount of reduction needed, distributing it throughout the system. Complex algorithms are used in identifying which circuits meet the required energy reduction and will not impact public services like hospitals or police and fire stations. Evergy uses the more descriptive term emergency power interruptions for clarity and to capture that these events are controlled, temporary and intended to limit the impact on individual customers. 


Are the interruptions happening to Evergy customers in all communities? 

When the Southwest Power Pool asks Evergy to reduce power use for regional grid stability, customer interruptions are spread throughout our service area to help keep the grid balanced. 

Situations are possible where a smaller geographic area is at risk. In that case emergency power interruptions may only take place in that area.