Text Messaging Number Update

Evergy's text messaging phone number has updated to 68731 for Kansas Central customers. If you're a customer in another service area, your number will remain 68731.

Text Messaging

Receive reminders, make payments and get payment confirmation from your phone.

Enjoy the convenience of managing your account without a computer. With text messaging you can:

  • Receive notifications when your bill is ready and when we process your payment.
  • Schedule a reminder 1-14 days before your bill is due.
  • Make a payment from a designated bank account.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up through our secure online account access. All you need is your account number.
  2. Already enrolled? Select the messaging options you want under the preferences tab after you've logged in. 

Once you sign up for text messaging service, send any of these quick text commands to 68731:

  • BAL: What’s my current amount due?
  • BILL: What’s my bill amount and due date?
  • LAST: Send me information on my last payment.
  • LIST: Send me a list of commands.
  • PAY: Pay my bill (if you have banking info assigned in your account).
  • STOP: Stop all text messages.
  • HELP: Send me text messaging information.

Update your text message preferences online at any time or stop all text messages by texting STOP to 68731. Message and data rates may apply. You can also combine text messaging with any of our other flexible billing and payment options.

Read the text messaging terms and conditions or review a list of eligible mobile carriers.