Field Burning Safety

It’s important to be safe when working around power lines and burning fields where they are present.

Power lines carry electricity across the prairie and throughout our communities. In rural areas, lines may cross wide stretches of agricultural land. This land can be used with minimal restrictions so follow safety practices when working near power lines and burning fields they travel across.

Keep in mind when working around power lines

  • Notify Evergy before burning, or performing any fire activity near our transmission lines.
  • Safety first - Fires underneath or near transmission lines can be dangerous.
  • If fire is threatening lives or property, call 911 immediately.
  • Report all fires burning underneath, or near Evergy's transmission lines.
  • If you have questions, or concerns about safely working around transmissions lines, contact Evergy.

Understand transmission line risk

  • Electrical arcs (also known as flashovers) can endanger people, animals and property.
  • Fire and the by-products of burning can destroy wires, insulators and other components of the transmission lines in addition to the structure/pole.
  • Smoke and gases from a large fire can create a conductive path for electricity.
  • Water and other chemicals used to extinguish fires should never be directed toward a transmission line, pole or structure.

Take pre-emptive measures before you burn

  • Mow and remove vegetation at least 15 feet around any structure/pole prior to burning.
  • Till ground or use fire resistant (green) crops during the burn period around any structure/pole.
  • Apply fire retardant to the area as recommended by the manufacturer prior to burn period.
  • Do not directly spray or treat the structure/pole.

You are important to us, if you have ANY concerns or questions and need technical guidance, please contact Evergy.

Early notification can prevent an unnecessary interruption of service and damage to the power system.