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Our interns are a diverse and valued part of Evergy who dive into meaningful projects and receive mentorship from professionals in their areas of interest. As a paid intern, you'll also benefit from real-world experience. Find out what we're all about below (and stay tuned for events you can sign up for when they're available)...

Here's the breakdown...

As an intern at Evergy, here's what you can expect:

  • Paid internships with competitive salaries
  • Housing and mileage allowances, if you qualify
  • An inside track to full-time career openings
  • Leadership training and professional development
  • Volunteer events and networking opportunities 

Let's tell you about Evergy...

We're focused on moving energy forward—offering innovative solutions, clean energy and reliable, safe service to millions of people.

The safety and health of our interns and employees comes first. We're adapting in new ways to keep connecting, learning and growing together virtually during this time.

"I'm really excited to be a part of a team... Personally, I feel really self-fulfilled."

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Don't forget you can connect with us to see what internship is the best fit for you and your interests—use the dropdowns below to get more info on events and internship options...

Meet former interns who now work for Evergy full-time... 

D'Shawn, a previous intern who is now a full-time employee

D'Shawn Jordan, Energy Efficiency Analyst
"My internship experience was phenomenal at Evergy. There was fun scheduled for every week of the internship, we were invited into Terry Bassham's (CEO) office to meet him, and we got to volunteer around the service territory. During the course of my internship, I couldn’t help but think about how helpful and nice everyone was. It was a breath of fresh air, and I knew I wanted to be a part of this organization who puts people first in every occasion."

Natalie Gray, Senior Product Manager
"When thinking back to my internship during the summer of 2000 – my first thought is 'wow, I was so young – at that time there was no way I could even begin to comprehend how my decision to accept an internship would ultimately define my professional life and career.' When reflecting on my intern stint, there are a few valuable life/work skills that rise to the top; primarily work ethic and allowing internalized passion to drive success. My career path has taken many routes during my 20-year tenure, it’s okay (and valuable) to move around and explore various areas in the company, that may be outside of what I thought I wanted to be doing or the path I thought was best. Ultimately, my windy work path experiences have aided me to better understand the company as a whole and realize where my passions fit and align best. Not all paths to career fulfillment are direct-vertical, the movement around is what makes the journey great."

Jake HumphreyJake Humphrey, Environmental Consultant
The most important aspect of my internship that, ultimately, affected my career was the measure of responsibility that was afforded to me during my time as an intern. Upon joining the company I was almost immediately entrusted with the responsibility of managing and executing projects in a variety of different environments. Naturally, these started small and ramped up in scale as time went by, but it allowed me to contribute in a meaningful way that you don’t get in most internships. Skills that are typically only learned in a work environment came at an accelerated pace: coordinating with different work groups, accurately timelining project completion dates, identifying appropriate project deliverables, etc. This not only allowed me to understand what components go into planning and executing a project, but also allowed me to examine both my strengths and weaknesses as both a project leader and contributor.

Emilie Thomas

Emilie Thomas, TD Designer
I spent a year and a half as an intern with Evergy, before going full-time right before my last semester of senior year at Kansas State University. Throughout my experience I was able to take advantage of socials to meet other interns, go on tours that allowed me to check out other work locations, job shadowing so that I could check out other areas of interest, work through the school year, and gain valuable experience for my current role. The experience made that transition from intern to full-time seamless; everything I did as an intern was exactly what was expected of me as a full-time employee (though the deadlines aren’t as flexible anymore). After going full-time, I’ve been able to join groups like the WE Network that empower women in the workplace, University Team to help meet and recruit future Evergy interns, and I was asked to co-mentor an amazing subset of our intern class this year.

See what kind of internships fit your interests... 

  • Accounting and finance
  • Corporate communications
  • IT
  • Human resources
  • Business marketing
  • Engineering
  • Supply chain
  • Environmental
  • Power delivery
  • Substation
  • Generation
  • Transmission
Craft and technical
  • Journeyman lineman
  • Power plant
  • Substation
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